Thursday, August 07, 2003

4 Star Theater

It's down to the home stretch, folks. The fact is, some shows are gonna be sold out.

So if you can't get into my 5 star recommendations, or the shows I'm saving up for my mom (thank heavens for reservations - with no extra charge - on the ultra pass - well, mom's cost, but at least mine were "freebies")

Here are the 4 star notables from my list, in alphabetical order...

The Art of Ruth Draper
Kathleen Douglass
MCTC Whitney Studio

The Hobbit
Rhino Productions
MCTC Whitney Mainstage

The Love Talker
Theatre Unbound
Loring Playhouse

Eyewitness Theater Company
Minneapolis Theater Garage

Oil On Canvas
15 Head
Intermedia Arts

Selling Blood
Manchester Central Theater Company
Minneapolis Theater Garage

Shortened Coffin Productions
Pillsbury House Theater

an honorable mention must go to...

James Berry: The Reluctant Hangman
Topsy-Turvy Theater Company
Hey City Theater downstairs

which is the only show to which I've given 3 and a half stars, so far

Mini reviews can be found on the show pages, more detail can be found within my blog on the days on which I saw them.

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