Sunday, August 03, 2003

Fringe - Day 2 - Part 3

Oil On Canvas
Intermedia Arts

Somehow, despite the strictures of Fringe producing, they've done it again. 15 Head brought the visual, musical, physical and verbal prowess they bring to all their other productions to this stripped-down, Fringe-ready show, Oil On Canvas.

It's a pretty remarkable feat, and they're to be commended. Acting, design, direction, execution by the crew, all great. As always, some of the stage pictures they create continue to stick in my mind long after the show is over.

It's a well-done capsule view of the life and times of Modigliani in France.

(If that's all you need to know and you don't want to listen to me rant about art about artists, then go buy a ticket. Despite all I'm about to say, Oil on Canvas is very much worth seeing, because it shows what can happen when people really push the boundaries of what the Fringe is capable of doing)

But, frankly, I don't like Modigliani. At least not the Modigliani in this show. I'm not saying I didn't like the performance. The actor was great, very compelling. It was clear why he was chosen to be the center of this show. He can carry the focus of a story. You want to watch what happens to him.

But, geez, the trials and tribulations of being an artist. A genius.

Boo hoo. Suck it up, get a day job and stop feeling so put-upon and superior to everybody else.

Just because you decided to be an artist doesn't mean the world is required to kiss your ass.

And it doesn't give you cart blanche to be mean and abusive to people, particularly women.

I had no sympathy for this guy. He couldn't die soon enough. I felt bad that he dragged so many other people down with him.

I'd rather spend some time with "real" people any day.

I'm an artist. But the people I want to see least on stage are other artists.

But, hey, it's only my opinion.

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