Thursday, August 07, 2003

5 Star Theater

OK, I just hit the 20 show mark (well, 19 if you don't count the second time I went back to see GILGAMESH, IOWA)

Seemed like a good time to check in.

Shows that rated 5 stars from me thus far

It's a dead heat for top spot between...

Gilgamesh, Iowa
The Ethereal Mutt, Limited
Bryant Lake Bowl


Sock Puppet Serenade
Hunter Marionettes
Old Arizona

In fact, 5 stars don't do either of these shows full justice.

I need more stars!

At least 7 or so.

Both the above shows are hands down (no pun intended, my puppet friends) the best theater I've seen at the Fringe, and perhaps all year to date.

Other 5 star notables, alphabetically...

Beauty and the Beast
Ballet of the Dolls
Intermedia Arts

Noah Bremer
Minneapolis Theater Garage

Look Ma, No Pants
Scrimshaw Brothers
Loring Playhouse

War Golems
Fifty Foot Penguin
Loring Playhouse

honorable mention must go to...

The Book of Names
Jarvismundi Productions
Bryant Lake Bowl

(the only show I gave 4 and a half stars to, so far)

Mini reviews can be found on the show pages, more detail can be found within my blog on the days on which I saw them.

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