Thursday, August 07, 2003

Shows So Good, I'm Saving Them for My Mom

(hence, they're at the end of the schedule and you'll probably be spared my reviews. So here's one last plug for the remainder of my top ten...)

Mom's never been to a Fringe before, so I wanted to be sure she saw...

Baseball, Dogs and Motorcycles
Kevin Kling
Hey City Theater downstairs

I Hate This
Bad Epitaph Theater
Red Eye

Ministry of Cultural Warfare
Intermedia Arts

One-Man Hamlet
Theatere Inconnu
Bryant Lake Bowl

Staggering Toward America
Rik Reppe
Bryant Lake Bowl

other shows I saved to see with Mom...

Buy Me A Mockingbird
Tod Petersen
Illusion Theater

Emily Dickinson: My Letter to the World
Elizabeth Dickinson
Old Arizona

Tell Me On A Sunday
Patty Nieman
Illusion Theater

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