Sunday, August 03, 2003

Fringe - Day 2 - Part 9

Heard Offstage

The restrooms at Acadia are behind the stage. One gentleman waiting in line was quite tickled by the fact he was backstage. Felt like a celebrity. We even heard a sound check, and a frustrated actress with a thick accent on her cell phone pacing up and down berating someone about tickets. A show before the show.

If you're cramming shows in back to back, like me, don't be foolish, like me and leave yourself at the mercy of clocks on the wall at the different venues. Carry a timepiece. One of the clocks had either stopped at quarter to the hour, or was just fifteen minutes fast, so I thought my show had run long and made a mad dash on foot for the next venue, only to find when I got there I was still 25 minutes early. Oh well, God knows I can use the exercise.

"Sock Puppet Serenade" treated me to the preshow chatter of children. One thread of conversation revolved around remembrance of pet gerbils past, and their litany of rather gruesome deaths. One apparently had to be put to sleep because of a brain tumor that had him so addled, he would get on the wheel and just keep tripping over himself and falling off.

Finally, a salute to my dark Fringe doppelganger. If I'm still attending the Fringe solo in a few years, this could be my fate. (shudder) The man sat alone, with a piece of paper with his tiny scrawled handwriting all over it, and a Fringe program in his lap and a highlighter. As he studied his program before the show, I realized the only real difference between us was a couple of years, a shave, and the fact he hadn't washed his hair in a few days. It's images like this that send me screaming back into the dating pool. eek.

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