Thursday, August 07, 2003

Getting the full review picture...

OK, I'm dense.

It wasn't til this morning that I figured out something key about how the reviews are listed on the website.

The reviews with the highest number of stars wind up on top and are always the first thing you see when you visit the page for a show.

What a fabulous idea for a default setting.

This way, people just scanning the site see the reviews from the people who really enjoyed the show and are pulling for it to succeed.

The fewer number of stars, the further down the list the review is placed.

To get a full, warts and all, picture of a show - click on the "see all reviews" button.

Check out the full number of reviews a show has gotten, see what the balance of the reviews look like, take note of the things they liked and didn't like and see if it's a good fit for you. Even someone who didn't like a show may have not liked it for a reason that makes it something you just have to see for yourself (stranger things have happened - this is the Fringe after all)

If a show has a lot of reviews, one of the things you might infer is that a lot of people not only saw it, but cared enough about the experience that they felt compelled to say something. Even if a show has only one or two reviews, that means someone out there was inspired by what they saw. And that's never a bad recommendation.

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