Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Tip The Fringe

There was much talk of buttons and tipping the Fringe as I waited in the Hey City lobby this evening.

Really, folks, it's a shame that the Fringe took just as big a hit as nearly every other arts organization in the state, but the money's not going to magically reappear. If anything, things are just going to get worse.

So drop some spare change, or better yet bills, into those little silver lunch boxes by the door. Every venue has one. If the governor doesn't value the Fringe enough to help fund it, then it's up to us to step up and do our bit. Helping the Fringe helps the artists who need the Fringe to continue its good work.

And if you need further convincing, see SOCK PUPPET SERENADE and get the host marionette Wendell's take on the situation, or go see JAMES BERRY: THE RELUCTANT HANGMAN and hear a rousing refrain of the song, "Billy The Fringe Tipping Dog" (I'm not kidding when I say, you really have to be there to get the joke)

Even with the addition of the button, tickets to these shows, and the overall high quality of these shows, make the Fringe a bargain (and the quality of the shows goes up every year, while ticket prices remain well below normal theater prices). Chip in a few extra bucks. The Fringe is well worth it.

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