Sunday, August 10, 2003

Closing the Fringe with Mom - Part 4

The Mad Dash

It's a jungle out there, people.

Again I plead, can't we all just get along?

A number of people in line for some of these shows are downright testy. Even if you look like the most bewildered person on earth regarding where the heck the line begins and ends and who has tickets and who doesn't and where you go to get them, well, if someone thinks you're trying to get ahead of them, they get more than a little snippy about it.

Welcome to Minnesota, Mom.

Is it just because there isn't assigned seating that everyone gets so nervous and uptight? Geez. I can think of a lot worse situations to be in like - oh, Liberia, Afghanistan, Iraq. Have another glass of wine and calm down, madam. (Not you, Mom. You still have your sense of humor, and common courtesy)

And of course, after hearing me and all my friends we've met along the way gush about Gilgamesh, Iowa, she wants to see that, too. Otherwise, she feels she's not getting the full Fringe experience (and I have to say, I found it hard to argue with her on that point). So, bravely we set forth, without reservations this time, trying to make our way into a show wedged between the five others we're already seeing on the final day of the Fringe.

And so the sprint begins...

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