Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Best of the Fest

Well, if I'd remembered to turn in my ballot at the end of the Fringe, here's what would have been tabulated...

(Of the 32 shows I ended up seeing, 35 if you count the three times I went back again to Gilgamesh, Iowa...)

Best Visible Fringe Artist
Tom Cassidy

Best Musical
I only saw a handful but of what I saw, I'd have to say...
Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf: The Kamikaze and the Chameleon

Best Dance
Again, I only saw a couple, but...
Beauty and the Beast by Ballet of the Dolls

Spirit of the Fringe
Staggering Toward America
This show embodies the Fringe Spirit in so many ways - a really amazing solo show that was written and performed by a gifted storyteller, about a topic that needs discussing, that really moved its audiences, even cynics, to tears as well as laughter, that might not find its deservedly wider audience were it not for a festival (series of festivals) like our Fringe.

Best Show
say it with me...
Gilgamesh, Iowa

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