Saturday, August 02, 2003

Fringe Opening Night - Part 6

Oh to be Matthew Foster, Now That Fringe Is Here...

I'd like to be flattered, but really the flattery extends to Mr. Foster.

Someone introduces me as a blogger and a playwright to some Fringe staffer or theater person I don't know, and they smile broadly and say, "Oh, I love your blog. Great stuff. Especially the part where..."

And as the compliment continues, I become painfully aware that they don't mean my blog, or even my playwriting, but Matthew Foster.

I try to interject this fact into the conversation before I have been reduced to under three feet tall in my mind. I don't always succeed. And so I slink awkwardly away.

And this has happened more than once, and the Fringe has only begun.

Here's to you, Matthew. People love you, dude.

Once the Fringe is over I can cease to bask in your reflective glory and go create some of my own.


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