Friday, August 01, 2003

Fringe Opening Night - Part 4

Visible Fringe Artists

Minneapolis Theater Garage has three rather intriguing artists on display.

Kyle Fokken - three metal sculptures that at first I mistook for headless horses. Upon closer examination of the tails, and a rudimentary stab at translating the German titles, I realized to my chagrin that they were dogs. This artist also has two delightfully transmogrified tricycles on display at the Visible Fringe exhibit in the gallery at Calhoun Square in Uptown. Every time I see them, the wave of nostalgia hits me and I yearn to both buy and ride them.

Charlie Kraft - large swaths of canvas hung on the wall. Bright colored backgrounds. Elongated heads, sometimes just noses. Square-bodied birds, all dripping paint (dried, of course). Sayings and slogans etched into the pictures. All untitled. But they make me wish I had a wall big enough to hold them.

Tom Cassidy - Mixed media, mostly consisting of Keith Haring-esque paintings of figures and buildings on top of pages ripped from magazines from the 1920's and 1930's. Also an art box full of plastic figures, 50's catch phrases spelled out in Scrabble tiles, all surrounding an actual thank you letter from J. Edgar Hoover on FBI stationery, thanking a woman for her fruitcake. J. Edgar Hoover. Fruitcake. I'm sure all double meanings there are intentional.

There are tiny foldout Visible Fringe programs at every box office. Pick one up and look them over. It's a great way to pass the time while you're waiting for the house to open.

Oh to have a bank account that could afford such knick knacks.

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