Friday, July 27, 2018

14 - Sfanta (Holy One) - D Lobontiu - Strike Theater

This solo show set in a 1680's Moldovan convent follows Teodora, who yearns to be a Saint only for the glory. Her path is barred by her betrothed Gheorghe, a romance with Iosefina, and a looming Ottoman attack.

This has new play, queer content, religious content, comedy, and visiting artist all going for it.

The first-time writer/producer/performer Diana Lobontiu is fresh out of Wellesley College and taking her act on the road - the act being her senior thesis project.

Lobontiu says it “takes an absurdist, comedic dive into the lengths to which we go to replace love with recognition and respect,” and “represents a crossroads of many of my identities: queer, Romanian, ex-Catholic.”

She’s been regularly showing up in my email box and her last email sold me because it made me laugh.  “Whenever a character feels the need to swear, they do so in Romanian, and there are some interesting Romanian swear words out there.”  The one she shared in her email translates roughly as “I’ll hang my underwear on your mother’s cross.”  I’m just wondering what other colorful turns of phrase are in there.

There’s a show trailer, and for the curious, another video posting of more excerpts you can check out.

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