Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Returning Favorite - Gabriel Mata/Movements - Dreaming - Southern Theater

With wit, leaps, kicks, and unpredictability, the dance shuffles through episodes that expose the psychology of dreams. Desire, experiences, turns, and movement make up this dance work.

Gabriel Mata was high on last year’s Top 10 list for me (at #5), and my instinct wasn’t wrong, just too low.

His solo dance show, Out of the Shadows, was my favorite Fringe show last year.  I saw it three times, and I hardly ever see a Fringe show twice.

So even though he moved away from the Twin Cities, I was very happy to see he’s back again this year as a visiting artist.  I’m very much looking forward to Dreaming.  You should be, too.  Here’s a video preview if you need more convincing.

(Bonus points: Gabriel addressed his undocumented status in passing in last year’s show.  This year’s show will be dealing with it as primary subject matter.  Some added press info I received describes the show as “a 50 minute talking dance solo on the theme of sleeping and dreams. The works dives deep beyond the living experiences of being a Dreamer/DACA status and being an immigrant, it exposes the psychological and mental trauma that accompanies the situation.” If you wanted to see a show that was sure to freak Attorney General Jeff Sessions out the most, this’d be it.)

Here's some handy links to the full Top 10, Top 11-20 and Returning Favorites lists.

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