Sunday, July 29, 2018

Returning Favorite - The Fourth Wall - Fruit Flies Like A Banana - Celtic Junction

3 performers. 20+ pieces. Music, theatre, and dance collide in this madcap variety show, and YOU choose the order. Voted Best Family Show at Orlando Fringe. "Deft choreography" - The Wall Street Journal

This is year four for this trio at our Fringe.  Mom and I enjoyed all three previous outings, so I can’t imagine we wouldn’t enjoy it again.

The premise is simple, but the execution is dazzling.  The three performers of The Fourth Wall all play multiple musical instruments, both serious and silly, as well as sing and dance, and they manage to work in all three, as well as plenty of informational tidbits about the difference pieces they’re playing.

They have 20 short works to play through in just under an hour, and the audience determines the random order in which the pieces are performed.

They’re all very engaging stage performers, regardless of the hat they’re wearing for any given piece of music.  The Fruit Flies experience is always a lot of fun.  If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t seen them yet, you should treat yourself.

They’re part of the Family Fringe, so their schedule isn’t on the same set times as the regular Fringe, but they’re worth the juggling of your time.

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