Friday, July 27, 2018

4 - Saint Ex - Spaceheater - Rarig Arena

A physical poem. This wild, fervent, and tender tale unravels the life and love of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, confronting the relationship between artist and muse.

I know Nathan Gebhard’s work first through collaboration with his brother Kris.  Now he’s back from New York with a show of his own.  That was really I needed to know to sign on for this one.

But that instinct is reinforced when I read things like this from the Fringe show’s director Jeesun Choi: “Saint Ex embodies what it’s like to be human.  To love and to love something so much that it breaks. And then to love it back to life and transformation. Saint Ex uses the lives of Consuelo and Antoine as a springboard to show how people want to be inspired and be inspirational. How we want to gift each other with the life-giving energy.”

And I’m also the kind of theater geek that gets excited when a theater company talks about itself like this: “Co-founded in 2016 by Jon Dahl and Nathan Gebhard, Spaceheater is an (a)venue for collaboration in the levees between dance and theatre. Growing from roots in Minnesota, the budding company is currently based between New York and Hamburg, Germany. Spaceheater is a process, a venue to share, an avenue to explore, an arena to greet challenges in, and most vitally an artery to transmit questions from the heart. Creating together across the ocean definitely poses challenges, but they discover the work through the process of art as a collaborative conversation, held together by trust.”

So, I’m there.

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