Sunday, July 29, 2018

Returning Favorite - Brad Lawrence - The Idaho Jackson Action Playset - Ritz Studio

The Cold War, The AIDS Crisis, random acts of violence, Satanism, nausea, sunstroke, and The Wonderful World of Disney – also known as childhood. Renowned storyteller Brad Lawrence makes sense of the Reagan era.

This time around Brad Lawrence is under the moniker of Nefarious Laboratory.  Last time he passed through the Minnesota Fringe Festival in 2016, with his one man storytelling show The Gospel of Sherilyn Fenn, it was HT Productions.  What’s in a name, right? 

The Gospel of Sherilyn Fenn was a 5 star Fringe show in my opinion, in a year that was surprisingly stuffed with high quality in shows of all stripes.

Some additional press info on this one says Lawrence “takes on childhood anxiety and the 80s with fast-paced humor” and in a longer synopsis, that litany of items listed above also includes “caged animals.” 

The shorter synopsis above promises that he’ll make sense of the Reagan era.  A longer one doesn’t promise that it’ll all make sense, so much as that he’ll “make comedy out of the shared national tragedy that was the Reagan era.”  So I think I’m sensing the direction the politics are tilting - not that I’m inclined to disagree. 

Sounds like another good solo show to have on the schedule.

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