Sunday, July 29, 2018

Returning Favorite - The Winding Sheet Outfit - Blood Nocturne - Southern Theater

You may have heard of that Hungarian Countess. Killed 650 virginal girls. Tortured and maimed them. Bathed in their blood. That is the story we know. Because that is the story the world has chosen to hear.

Fringe staffer Amber Bjork can’t help wearing multiple hats this time of year.  Last year, she and her company The Winding Sheet Outfit had a hit show producing and directing The Memory Box of the Sisters Fox.

This year, it’s another deep dive into the story of a misunderstood female historical figure.  This time it’s a brand new musical, and it’s based on “the life and/or myth of 16th century Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory.  She must defend the story of her true life in the midst of a chorus trying to thrill the audience with the legend that was built after her death--in which she tortured and killed 600 virginal girls and bathed in their blood. After all, we are apt to listen to salacious stories over bland truth.”

Another great local actress, Emily Dussault, is taking on the role of the Countess (and she also regularly sings at the Troubadour Wine Bar, so she’s up for the musical part of the story as well).

Sounds like we’re gearing up for another creepy, compelling story (this time with a song in its spooky little heart).

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