Wednesday, July 25, 2018

17 - Illinois Boy Blues - Deacon Gamzee Productions - Augsburg Studio

Part historical, part stand up, part drama, Illinois Boy Blues is the story of an abandoned boy, turned bluesman, Romaine Ri’chard. He recalls his journey in life as a foster child, musician, sex addict and life-long resident of Illinois. We see that Romaine has all the qualities of a seasoned entertainer, but what’s preventing him from reaching his fullest potential? No one can tell it better than the man that knows him best, Raydius. This fallen star’s unraveling story will shine a light on racism, prostitution, fame and a little boy’s infatuation with the “Land of Lincoln.”

Not a whole lot more information to go on here.

He’s another visiting artist from out of town and had a previous one-man show that garnered a lot of positive attention and some awards elsewhere on the Fringe circuit.

The subject matter piqued my interest so I figured it was worth a look.

I'm not entirely sure how improv and audience participation figure into subject matter like this, but hey, live dangerously, right?

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