Wednesday, July 25, 2018

7 - (a) Normal Theatre Play - Goof Goof - Strike Theater

Goof Goof tests the boundaries of theatre with their adaptation of a classic loved by many generations. (a) Normal Theatre Play is inspired by the Absurdist theatre movement, Dadaism, and Pixar.

One half of the duo known as Goof Goof is Liv Augusta, and that’s pretty much all I need to know.  She’s a very talented and funny woman.

I know this first hand because she played the role of a lesbian astronaut negotiating with a sex robot to figure out how to repopulate the galaxy with the human race after Earth is destroyed.  That weird little script is one I wrote and she and her fellow cast members made it work, for which I remain ever grateful.

So even if the concept for (a) Normal Theatre Play sounds pretentious, if Liv’s involved, I know it has a very healthy sense of humor.  The Fringe preview for Goof Goof only confirmed that.  I am ready to be entertained.

The press pitch says that Liv and comedy partner Phillip Schramm “met in 2014 doing a show they don't talk about. Goof Goof started as a joke backstage, trying to see if they could do improv replacing any dialogue with the word ‘goof.’  What started as a joke has transformed into a constantly evolving experiment, testing boundaries of theater. They have done improv shows, site-specific interactive experiences, and semi-scripted interactive shows. This show is a new experiment, adapting, and hopefully not ruining, a beloved classic.”

One of the script consultants is Denzel Belin, another multi-talented person who once directed another short play of mine, so if he’s involved, that’s added reason to give the show a look.

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