Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fringe 2017 - Day 11 - Sunday Schedule - One Last Day of Fringe

Surprisingly, I managed to stay not just alert and awake for all seven shows yesterday, I actually was really engaged by all the shows, even the ones I wasn’t all that sure about going in.  Well done, everybody.

Today, I’m starting with three Fringe favorites of mine, both old and new, which make me very happy heading into the home stretch of the final day. 

After that, I’m taking more of a chance on the final three, including the encore, but I’m still looking forward to the kind of surprises I had yesterday. 

It’s been a pretty great Fringe this year.  Mom said the same thing.  For all the great shows I’ve seen, there are still more out there that I didn’t get to see but others were raving about.  That’s a great place for the Fringe to be. 

Meanwhile, one last day to cram in more theater goodness before the festival comes to a close -

1pm - Stranger-er Things: Netflix and Kill - Turd Spout Productions - Phoenix Theater

I don’t really need to explain why I’m going to see returning favorite Tom Reed anymore, do I?  I also have Tom to thank for finally nudging me to sit down and watch Stranger Things.  People tell me that sort of pop culture homework isn’t necessary to enjoy this musical satire, but it was nice to have the excuse to watch that show.  Can’t wait to see what fun Tom has with it.  Closing weekend, last show, naturally I have a reservation to be sure I get into this one.

2:30pm - Out of the Shadows - Gabriel Mata/Movements - Intermedia Arts

Yes, I’m going back to see this 5-star show for a third time.  Gabriel Mata is a joy to watch in motion, and his comedic and acting gifts are an added bonus in this context.  He got a well-deserved standing ovation from a very full house last night.  I’m treating myself in the middle of the afternoon on my last day of Fringe.  Made a reservation for this one, too.

4pm - Themselves They Made Immaculate: Clara Barton at Andersonville - American Civic Forum - Bryant Lake Bowl

Finally I get to see American Civic Forum, another returning favorite.  Took the full 11 days of the festival for schedules to finally align but I’ve got myself a reservation.

5:30pm - Swords and Sorcery: The Improvised Fantasy Campaign - Bearded Men Improv - TRP

Another returning favorite.  I’m not much into the Game of Thrones genre, but I do enjoy good improv, so spending some time with Bearded Men Improv is a safe bet for entertainment.

7pm - 35 Different Angles From Which To Hate Yourself - Rogue and Rabble Dance - Southern Theater

Here’s an entry from my list of random shout-outs, with queer content and dance, so I thought that’d be a good show to take a chance on as my Fringe draws to a close.

8:30pm - ENCORE Slot - Broad Sex in the Twin Cities - GIRL Theatre - Strike Theater

As I said in my rundown of the Encore slot winners for the final 8:30pm performances of the festival today, this entry from the random shout-out list seems like the perfect female-centered comedy to cap off my festival for the year.

Then I’ll be heading over to hang out at the Fringe Closing Night Party at Triple Rock for a bit to see some of my favorite artists one last time before we all say goodbye to the Fringe until next August.

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