Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Fringe 2017 - Returning Favorite - Jeffrey Peterson

Jeffrey Peterson choreographing (2010 Top 10) for
First Daughter Dance - So Goshdarn Warm and Fuzzy!

At this humanist revival, deeply embodied dance encourages demons to release and spirits to rise. Check your personal baggage on this fun, irreverent, celebratory, movement flight to the land of warm fuzzies!

Jeffrey Peterson and company were on the top of my list for 2010 because of their exuberant (and sexy) dances featuring people coupling off in a wide variety of combinations.  With a title like So Goshdarn Warm and Fuzzy, I’m expecting more positive, engaging movement.  If you’re looking for dance that’s accessible and fun, these folks are your ticket.  (Added bonus on 8/11 and 8/12, this year’s #5 on the Top 10 list Gabriel Mata will be dancing with the ensemble.)

And here's some handy links to the full list of pre-Fringe top 10, and 11-20, the rest of the returning favorites, and all the random shout outs in these Top 10/Top 20 posts - links all gathered in a single list to take you to fuller posts and Fringe pages.  Enjoy!

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