Friday, August 04, 2017

Fringe 2017 - Review - Flyer Guy - David Lawson - 4 stars

tweet review - Our 4th #mnfringe show Flyer Guy served up tales of tourists and those that colorfully clutter their path in Times Square - 4 stars

Solo shows at the Fringe based on someone’s personal experience can be a mixed bag sometimes.  There are some people who have a great story to tell, but don’t know how to tell it.  There are some people who know how to tell a story, but don’t have anything to say.  You’re lucky as a Fringe audience member if you get a storyteller who knows how to spin a tale, and also has a tale worth spinning.  We got lucky with David Lawson and Flyer Guy, because here we have both.

“If you’re working on the streets of Times Square, you can’t have any shame.”

Sure on some level it’s another artist telling us a story about his day job.  But this isn’t your standard office day job of quiet desperation with uninteresting generic co-workers.  David Lawson’t “office” is Time Square in New York City, and his “co-workers” are the women of Desnudas, the Naked Cowboy, Prophecy Workout, and racist Elmo, just to name a few. (Treat yourself to a Google search - picture and video - on those beauties.)

“That’s why you can’t drop out of college.”

From unfortunate pictures of resting bitch face broadcast on the internet (and featured on his show postcard), to accepting a skin tight costume that “shows his religion” for extra pay, Lawson is constantly thrust into situations of politics and class in strange and unusual ways.  The thing that makes this show so entertaining is that Lawson is clearly talking about a job (and its oddities) which he loves, not a job he resents.

“This was kharmic payback for watching all those videos of racist Elmo.”

So if you’re looking for a change of pace and an amusing story well told, you should check out David Lawson’s Flyer Guy (other Fringe performances are Saturday 8/5 at 5:30pm, Monday 8/7 at 7pm, Thursday 8/10 at 5:30pm, and Saturday 8/12 at 7pm)

4 stars - Highly Recommended

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