Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 1 - First Lady On Mars

"You are *not* talking about Mars again!"

Charlzik Theatre Company

First Lady On Mars

Losing the first election to a very popular president, she vows to win the rematch. How? Be the first woman to land on Mars! Audience gets to vote for the winner. Featuring plutonium, cheese curls and Tab.

So what if someone who is clearly supposed to be Hilary Clinton was not only obsessed with power, but also obsessed with journeying to Mars? Our Hilary stand-in has an assistant with hair as pink as her can of Tab. She also has an ex-husband who is a reporter on the trail of the Mars story (and who looks so good in a suit, you really wonder what possessed her to dump him). So this all coheres into a story involving politics and audience participation somehow. Not a lot to go on here. Maybe it needs a tap-dancing crackwhore. Or just more of the cute reporter guy. But they just squeezed in all they had, getting done, just as the yellow light was turning over to red.

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