Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fringe 2009 - OOTS - Bedroom Stories

"And brick by brick, the fruits of their labor were dismantled at their feet."


Bedroom Stories

from London, UK

From the intimacy of the bedroom emerge these three darkly humorous stories, innovatively told in a physical and vividly imaginative way that interweaves music, movement and text.

Bedroom Stories is a trilogy of three pieces set within a bedroom, where movement is given equal billing to text and a contemporary soundtrack as part of these strange and beautiful stories. The pieces are a mixture of dramatic storytelling with dream sequences and thoughts made visible, embodied through stylised movement that draws its inspiration from modern dance, mime and clowning. Bedroom Stories is a piece of 'theatre that dances'.

This was an odd, kind of ballsy choice for a preview opportunity. The performer chose to do nothing from the show. Instead, clad in black, and a tiny top hat strapped to his head, he regaled us with a tune on his accordion. A father and son build a magnificent sand castle together, and then watch the tide take it away. He asked the ever-gracious tech for a little soft mood lighting, and away he went.

His show, from the look of the video preview below, is based as much on movement as it is music or the sheer force of his personality. The preview was designed to... maybe charm us into seeing his show? He was certainly charming. I would have enjoyed seeing a little more of what he had in his bag of tricks for the performance, but maybe the thing is hard to excerpt.

I lean toward the out-of-towners a lot anyway, particularly the way-out-of-towners, out-of-the-country even, just because they've come such a long way to share their art with us. Of all the friggin' places they could have come, they came to Minnesota. Seriously, think about that for a second. It isn't Charley from down the block. They had to coordinate a hell of a lot of logistics to get here, and then when they arrive, they have the uphill battle of not being familiar to local audiences. So crowds and word of mouth are much harder to come by. I've got a soft spot for these folks, I really do.

The kind of work he does, from what I can learn from his website and the video, linked below, is the kind of thing I like. So I'll be looking to see if I can work him into my viewing schedule. Check out some of the online content, and see if you agree.

Their video -

Their show page

Their video trailer

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