Friday, July 31, 2009

Fringe 2009 - OOTS - Concord, Virginia - A Southern Town In Stories

Peter Neofotis

Concord, Virginia - A Southern Town in Stories

from New York, NY

Neofotis performs his prize-winning stories, published by St. Martin's Press. With tales of interracial lovers, moonshining old ladies and gay trials-it's kinda like Garrison Keillor, except Southern.

I tagged this performer earlier in a post on that other Fotis we know so well. So I was looking forward to hearing what he had in store for us. His website and coverage of his previous outings there indicate it could be pretty captivating.

Unfortunately, this was kind of an aborted preview. He got up on stage, told us he wanted to share two short previews with us from the stories he'll be telling. The background noise at that point in the evening at Bedlam (near the end of the showcase) was becoming its usual Bedlam brand of boisterous, but not too overwhelming. In that big space, though, it was a little hard to hear Mr. Neofotis.

So Robin, our host for the evening, suggested using her microphone. This seemed to throw the guy just a little. But he seemed to recover, and though using a mic in his act doesn't seem to be standard for him, he seemed to be adapting pretty well. We were plunked down in the middle of a Southern courtroom drama in progress. It was interesting stuff.

But then he just kind of stopped. Said that was all he wanted to do this evening, and quickly exited the stage.

I felt kind of bad for him. I guess the mic was restricting what he'd planned to do more than I realized. That's a shame.

Thankfully, he's at the Gremlin stage, which is a more intimate black box space (and there's no bar right next to the stage area). So, no sound troubles there.

I'm still curious. Wish we got just a little more to go on, but given the background I can glean from his website, he's definitely worth a look. (He's got one more book published by a major press than I do, after all.)

His website -

His show page

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