Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 1 - The Tragedy of You

"This is called an Elizabethan aside, and you people in the front row better prepare yourselves."

Joseph Scrimshaw Productions

Tragedy of You

A one-man five-act Shakespearean tragedy! "Fringe Favorite" (Pioneer Press) Joseph Scrimshaw weaves the real life ambitions and tragic flaws of a random audience volunteer into a sophisticated mad-lib of murder, madness and comedy!

Featuring original music performed live by Dennis Curley!

Tragedy of You is a unique combination of storytelling, improvisation, audience interaction, music and traditional theater that celebrates and mocks the characters, conventions and plot structure of Shakespearean tragedies like Hamlet or Macbeth. The show examines what strengths and weaknesses connect all people by replacing the royal protagonist with the life of an actual audience member--what kingdom will they rule? Who do they love most in their life? Who will they ruthlessly murder? What tragic flaw will bring about their (probably) inevitable destruction?

What better way to round out the first half of the evening before intermission than a peek at Joseph Scrimshaw's latest solo comedy experiment? Back again, sans feather duster and French accent this time, he called his pre-selected audience volunteer (photographer, theater aficionado, and squirrel rescuer Scott Pakudaitis) to the stage. A couple of questions, mostly with answers involving squirrels, and Joseph was ready to regale us with The Most Lamentable Tragedy of Scott ("his purple hair extensions billowing the breeze behind him as he walked...")

It's a clever conceit, and I'm interested in seeing it played out over the full Fringe hour during the fest, with someone truly random serving up the bits of raw material that get slotted into the tragic framework. Should be fun.

And, naturally, he got out on the yellow light, plenty of time to spare. The man knows his stuff.

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