Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 2 - The Frog Prince

"Life is swell in FairAndWell!"

Top Hat Theatre

The Frog Prince: A Splashy New Musical!

Much to the dismay of bratty Princess Jewel, she finds herself wedged into a slimy situation of promised friendship with The Frog Prince. A court trial and bright dancing frogs all make going green a blast!

You've got to hand it to Top Hat Theatre. By the time it was all over (fittingly still in the green light zone, under 2-1/2 minutes), they had managed to cram, by my count, 28 people on stage for a musical number, and it didn't look like utter chaos. With a cast of various ages and levels of experience, that's no small feat. They've been on a roll creating really popular Fringe shows in six of the last seven Fringe Festivals (that one off year, the ping pong balls of the lottery just didn't bounce their way).

The chorus of singing frogs was pretty funny - great costumes that the actors could really move in, and move they did. The jazzy song was pleasant, too.

I'm not the audience for this show, but there are a whole lot of people who are, and this preview showed what they do best. The Fringe's YouTube page should have the Fringe-For-All clip up in the coming days, so check back there to see for yourself. Meanwhile, we have...

(Well, they have a web address,, but the page wasn't set up with anything yet the last time I checked.)

Their show page

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