Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fringe 2009 - OOTS - AfterLife

"I just don't think I can fit in this life anymore."

SunsetGun Productions


from Brooklyn, NY

AfterLife is a dramatic, yet darkly funny take on the evolution of women in modern society told through a 'karmic lens'. Drop in on a significant day in the life of three different women in three very different eras of time. Ruth, a 1928 Appalachian midwife, would kill for a family. Marion, a 1950's homemaker, needs to discover her true yogic nature. And Karma, a slowly unraveling film producer, would settle for a bit of sanity. What do these three seemingly disconnected women have in common? Nothing...and everything. Do you know where your karma's been?

This one was a big hit on the Canadian Fringe circuit and I can see why. The actress is very effective. The character she chose to share with us was the perfect housewife of all the publicity images - bright pink apron, pearls, not a hair out of place, the works. Her vague sense of unease fought with the cheerful exterior of her life. Just got to see through the cracks beginning to form. Nice work. I'm not sure the show itself cries out to me personally as something I have to see, but there's plenty to like here. If you want to see a Fringe show examining the multiple sides of three very different women, well-written, well-acted, this might be your ticket.

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