Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 1 - Silent Poetry 2

(I normally put a quote up front, but, well, this was mime)

Kirsten Stephens and Dean Hatton

Silent Poetry 2

Former students of Marcel Marceau share reflections of this great artist and visionary of the human spirit through their funniest and most thoughtful work, inspired by the man who gave poetry to silence.

That sounds hopelessly pretentious, doesn't it? Well, not to worry. These two are anything but pretentious. Skilled, yes. But also completely goofy. Their preview was a comedic chase scene with a bag of loot as the prize. Kirsten and Dean brought on their own low hanging curtain behind which they could disappear and from which reappear, something they did repeatedly. Down and up escalators, up and down in elevators, disappearing one place and reappearing another, struggling up an escalator going in the opposite direction, driving a car clattering down a set of steps. All to a jaunty piece of music.

I wrote something earlier about why I was looking forward to Dean's return with Kristen. All that still holds. They're definitely worth checking out. Put some variety in your Fringe schedule with a little silence. They got out on the yellow light, obscured behind their curtain as they carried it off on their shoulders. It was only when Robin Gillette started to introduce the next act that you were reminded that for 2-1/2 minutes or so, no one onstage had spoken a word.


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