Friday, July 24, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 2 - I'd Kick Puppies For You

"It's a play about love. And kicking puppies."

Dr. Thought

I'd Kick Puppies For You

Yes, but would you kick Mike Fotis' puppy for me?

(Sorry, I've been waiting to make that joke ever since the battle of the dueling publicity puppies first appeared on the Fringe website this year)

I was tempted to say this is one of the worst marketing campaigns in the Fringe this year, but actually it's not. It's just one of the most frustrating for me. Because "I'd Kick Puppies For You" is actually a great title. And the tag line, "It's a play about love. And kicking puppies," is also pretty great. The photo of an adorable puppy surrounded by two pairs of canvas sneakers (one black, one multi-colored) just waiting for the kicking to begin, is also nice work.

But that's all. we. get.

Even the cast list just lists three people whose role is just "Actor" - one of whom is also the author

There's no additional website to refer to for more information, no bios, no pictures. Nuthin'.

The only other random piece of information I have is that Rebecca Sandell, author/actor, is the sister-in-law of Fringe funnyman Ben San Del.

I don't even know what the heck "Dr. Thought" means.

But am I gonna go?



Their Fringe-For-All preview was a hell of a lot of fun to watch. The Fringe's YouTube page has their clip up and running now (I've attached it below) so you can see for yourself.

Something you don't get in the preview is the fact that their set-up was damned efficient. Two little boxes they used to sit on also has lids that came off, and all the various props they needed for their bit came out of them. Smart work.

In the space of just about 2-1/2 minutes (they got done just as the green light was flipping over to yellow), and a genial pop ballad, a man, a woman, and a fairy (with wings, that kind of fairy - I know, during Fringe time, we need to be specific about our terms)...

Anyway, a man, a woman, and a fairy, in the space of a song, enact an entire sad little modern relationship.

Man takes woman out for flowers, dinner with wine, and then they hold up a sheet in front of them and... well, the motion under the sheet and the looks on their faces say it all.

Later, a movie with popcorn, then back to the sheets.

They go for a walk, the man waves off flowers this time from a vendor, much to the woman's dismay, they drink beer this time, and head straight for the sheets, a bit less enthusiastic.

Soon he's playing video games while she reads a magazine (probably with a quiz that rates how lousy a boyfriend you have), and now they're not even facing each other under the sheet - no movement at all.

The fairy starts looking pretty good to the guy. He and the woman begin to fold up the sheet for good, then just give up, drop it, and go their separate ways, the debris of their relationship scattered behind them.

I kinda loved this preview.

Even though I still don't know much of what the hell the show's about.

If this is the comic sensibility, I'm interested.

Their show page

Their funny Fringe-For-All preview...

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