Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 1 - Paisley Poppies

"Spank me, Mrs. President!"

Caity Shea Violette

Paisley Poppies

A Whimsical Trip Into Suburban Humor...

"Enlightening"- The Young Playwrights Association of New York

Paisley Poppies is a bizarre comedy that lights up the stage of Emma Marie Avery's life. Jam packed with pop culture references, a cast of eccentric characters including her outwardly strange best friend Barbie, a stalker with a heart of gold named Kyle and her needlessly Minnesotan mother, lead the audience through inside jokes and fanciful metaphors that come to life on stage, performed by an ensemble of highly physical actors. After a sudden turn of events, Emma is forced to contemplate her life in relation to the world around her. Rediscover the wonder and woe of blissfully distracted teenagers in Paisley Poppies.

OK, maybe it was because I'd just sat through 28 other previews before this, but watching this technicolor preview, I almost felt like I was having a psychotic episode. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. I certainly wasn't bored. I just couldn't fathom what the hell was going on half the time.

Is that guy with a lamp shade on his head a guy, or really a lamp? (my bet is probably stalker boy Kyle, but...)

Is that guy in drag supposed to be the doll Barbie, or just a girl named Barbie? (no bets on that one, it's weird whatever path you go down)

Suddenly there's a whole bevy of aerobic folks acting out an exercise video - a really naughty exercise video.

Then Emma and drag queen Barbie are bonding over a Lifetime Movie for Television.

And... scene. (Out on the yellow 2-1/2 minute warning light. Nicely done.)

The whole thing should probably have a queer content label because even though it's about a straight girl from the suburbs, it's extremely gay (in a good way, as FringeFamous would say)

The video clip of the preview should be uploaded soon to the Fringe's YouTube page, so you can watch and try to suss out what's going on for yourself.

Their website -

Their show page

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