Sunday, August 12, 2018

Fringe 2018 - 3 Star Show Rundown

(Reminder: There are no encore slots this year for the best-selling show in each venue.  So there is no extra final chance to catch a popular show at the end of the Fringe schedule. Once they're gone, they're gone, so catch the good shows and/or shows you're really interested in before they disappear)

Fringe Orphans 4: Back in the Habit - Navel Gaze Productions - Theatre in the Round Players

tweet review - show 3 - Fringe Orphans 4 - be prepared for unicorn sex; be prepared to be asked to facilitate unicorn sex; and a 3-legged chair; and the feds cracking down on a girl's lemonade stand, and more - 3 stars - (CLOSED)

Link to full "Fringe Orphans" review

Home - Michael Venske - Strike Theater

tweet review - show 41 - Home - one-person show which was strangely unspecific about his time both in MN and in China; could've used more detail like that section of the old dining room wallpaper where the audience could feel the velvet - 3 stars - (FINAL SHOW (TONIGHT) - Sun 8/12 5:30pm)

Theory of Relativity - Theory of Dance - Ritz Studio

show 31, part 2 - Theory of Relativity - the opening number was enchanting, then the rest of the show happened; nothing wrong with the dancers; unfortunate music choices; unfocused, repetitive choreography; weirdly passive use of audience participation - 3 stars - (FINAL SHOW (TODAY) - Sun 8/12 1pm)

Link to full "Theory of Relativity" review

There Goes the Gayborhood - Libra Moon Productions - Strike Theater

tweet review -  show 21 - There Goes The Gayborhood - the script seems like it could be genuinely hilarious, and the cast seems like they could deliver a better show, they just really needed a stronger director for that show to happen - 3 stars - (FINAL SHOW (TODAY) - Sun 8/12 2:30pm)

Link to full "Gayborhood" review

Titus: Sweet Water, Silent Walks - The BAND Group - Rarig Thrust

tweet review - show 37 - Titus: Sweet Water, Silent Walks - strong aesthetic choices, but fair warning, they spend an awful lot of time beating, raping and maiming Lavinia, and then doing it all again in interpretive dance later so... there's that - 3 stars - (FINAL SHOW (TONIGHT) - Sun 8/12 8:30pm)

Writing Wrongs in a Sandcastle - Witchy Beach - Minnsky Theatre

tweet review -  show 24 - Writing Wrongs In A Sandcastle - well, it looked like they were having fun; the strange tale of a writer, an editor, a not quite shipwreck, and a handpuppet dolphin named Trixie with blond hair and pearls - 3 stars - (CLOSED)

Here's some handy links to reviews of 5 Star Shows, 4.5 Star Shows, 4 Star Shows, and my full Top 10, Top 11-20 and Returning Favorites lists.

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