Thursday, August 02, 2018

Returning Favorite - Universal Dance Destiny - African Roads, American Streets - Ritz Mainstage

A family-friendly fun-filled show featuring a strong mix of urban & cultural performances unveiling a unique story of multiculturalism and solidarity- based on a childhood journey from Liberia to New York.

This is actually a remount of the show that got them on my Top 10 list originally back in 2006.  I imagine in 12 years, a lot of the players may have changed, or grown into new roles, since the age range of the participants in this joyous and lively show is pretty expansive.  But if this go-round is anything at all like their original foray into the Fringe, the Ritz Mainstage space is going to be bursting with positive energy and propulsive music.

If you didn’t catch them the first time around, or were looking for a different sort of dance show to recharge your Fringe-going batteries, African Roads, American Streets might be just the ticket for you.  Check them out.

They’ve got two shows opening weekend - Thursday 8/2 (tonight) at 7pm, and Sunday 8/5 at 5:30pm

Here's some handy links to my full Top 10, Top 11-20 and Returning Favorites lists.

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