Thursday, August 09, 2018

Fringe 2018 - Day 7 - Wed 8/8 - Tweet Overview

5:30pm - Still or I’ve Been Choreographed - Kevin Williamson + Company - Rarig X

tweet review - show 29 - Still, or I've Been Choreographed - Kevin Williamson's choreography/performance starts with almost with an absence of motion, making regular motion seem suddenly huge; intriguing exercise in focus, precision, and audience attention - 4 stars - (REMAINING SHOWS - Fri 8/10 7pm, Sat 8/11 10pm)

7pm - Abeyance - Tyler West - Strike Theater

tweet review - show 30 - Abeyance - Tyler West's combination of mime, comedy, self-generated live sound FX, and interaction with audience members on and off stage is a delight - 5 stars - (REMAINING SHOWS - Sun 8/12 8:30pm)

tweet review - show 31, part 1 - I was one of many disappointed people unable to get into Hamlet, but Hamlet's a Chicken; so a bunch of us ended up seeing each other again over at the Ritz Studio

8:30pm - Theory of Relativity - Theory of Dance - Ritz Studio

tweet review - show 31, part 2 - Theory of Relativity - the opening number was enchanting, then the rest of the show happened; nothing wrong with the dancers; unfortunate music choices; unfocused, repetitive choreography; weirdly passive use of audience participation - 3 stars - (REMAINING SHOWS - Thurs 8/9 10pm (TONIGHT), Fri 8/10 5:30pm, Sat 8/11 4pm, Sun 8/12 1pm)

10pm - The Immaculate Big Bang - Bill Santiago - Strike Theater

tweet review - show 32 - Immaculate Big Bang - gave his all despite a tiny crowd; neither cynical nor sentimental, despite content on young daughter and death of father; refreshingly smart, irreverent, very funny stand-up show mixing science/religion - 5 stars - (REMAINING SHOWS - Fri 8/10 5:30pm, Sat 8/11 8:30pm)


tweet - Mom's on the first of the two legs of her flight back home to PA after her adventure - many thanks to everyone who made her feel so welcome and made her visit so much fun.

tweet - Mom's flights both in and out of Chicago delayed quite a bit, but her safe journey home from completed late last night - when she asked for a report on all the shows I'd see that day :)

Here's some handy links to reviews of 5 Star Shows, 4.5 Star Shows, 4 Star Shows, 3 Star Shows, and my full Top 10, Top 11-20 and Returning Favorites lists.

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