Saturday, August 11, 2018

Fringe 2018 - Day 9 - Fri 8/10 - Tweet Overview

5:30pm - Titus: Sweet Water, Silent Walks - The BAND Group - Rarig Thrust

tweet review - show 37 - Titus: Sweet Water, Silent Walks - strong aesthetic choices, but fair warning, they spend an awful lot of time beating, raping and maiming Lavinia, and then doing it all again in interpretive dance later so... there's that - 3 stars

7pm - Geminae - Oncoming Productions - Southern Theater

tweet review - show 38 - Geminae - cool anti-gravity physical work; a stranded female astronaut running out of air; her sister down at mission control; a plot for revenge; creepy sci-fi horror - 4 stars

8:30pm - Dreaming - Gabriel Mata/Movements - Southern Theater

tweet review - show 39 - Dreaming - yes, I went to see it a 2nd time; a Fringe show so good it lifted my spirits at the end of the day; in my opinion, one of the very best of the whole festival this year - 5 stars

10pm - Robert's Eternal Goldfish - Audacity Theatre Lab - Rarig X

tweet review - show 40 - Robert's Eternal Goldfish - a wannabe misanthrope reluctantly brought back into the flow of humanity by a supernatural goldfish; irascibly charming comic storytelling - 4 stars

Here's some handy links to reviews of 5 Star Shows, 4.5 Star Shows, 4 Star Shows, 3 Star Shows, and my full Top 10, Top 11-20 and Returning Favorites lists.

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