Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Fringe 2018 - Day 6 - Tues 8/7 - Tweet Overview

5:30pm - Forsythian Dweller’s Club - Bittersweet Arts Co. - Rarig X

tweet review - show 25 - Forsythian Dweller's Club - an impressively elaborate shaggy dog story of hilariously scary circular logic in which a literary magazine's plans for expansion get way out of hand on a globally cultish scale - 4 stars

7pm - The Shrieking Harpies - Augsburg Studio

tweet review - show 26 - Shrieking Harpies - a fully improvised musical from a single word (this time, mortician) that even the improvisers admitted afterward was really weird; still, what they do is nothing short of amazing, and their voices are great - 4 stars

8:30pm - Illinois Boy Blues - Deacon Gamzee Productions - Augsburg Studio

tweet review - show 27 - Illinois Boy Blues - the phrase master class is overused but actors take note, *this* is how you use the entire range of your voice to create characters, tell a story, and truly connect with your audience - wow - great solo performance - 5 stars

10pm - Couple Fight: The Musical - Weggel-Reed Productions - Rarig Thrust

tweet review - show 28 - Couple Fight: The Musical - perfect show to be Mom's last for Fringe this year; ridiculous fights between couples who love each other, that this time around burst into song; easily my favorite version of Couple Fight so far - 5 stars

Here's some handy links to reviews of 5 Star Shows, 4.5 Star Shows, 4 Star Shows, 3 Star Shows, and my full Top 10, Top 11-20 and Returning Favorites lists.

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