Thursday, August 02, 2018

Returning Favorite - Ariel Leaf (Mermaid Productions) - Have You Seen This Girl? - Hard Times Cafe

16 yr old Annie Parks left for school on May 3rd and didn't come home that evening. Join us as we visit popular spots for runaways on the West Bank to find her and bring her safely home.

This is actually a walking tour show, starting at the Hard Times Cafe and hitting different locations in the West Bank as our collective neighborhood narrators go in search of the missing teenage girl.

This is a departure not just from a standard theater space but also from Ariel Leaf’s standard Fringe show.  She’s not presenting a storytelling hour gleaned from colorful tales of the wilder days of her youth.  And she’s not alone, but a guide backed up an ensemble of fellow performers.

So this one’s something different on a number of fronts.

If you’ve got your walking shoes on, it’s worth checking out for a change of pace in your Fringing.

They’ve got three performances opening weekend: Thursday, 8/2 (tonight), Saturday 8/4, and Sunday 8/5 - all at 7pm.

Here's some handy links to my full Top 10, Top 11-20 and Returning Favorites lists.

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