Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fringe 2017 - Returning Favorite - Rough Magic Performance Company

"Shakespeare's classic comedy of love/hate relationships made modern by 6 women and 2 puppets. A hilarious and moving tale of love, jealousy, trickery, and redemption with a fresh and feminist perspective."

This company did a really nice rendering of Twelfth Night when they were on my Top 20 list back in 2014.  This time out, it’s an all-female take on Much Ado About Nothing.  It’s a kick-ass cast and these ladies know their Shakespeare.  So if the clowns Dogberry and Verges taking over the story with their peculiar brand of butchered English strikes your fancy, you should check them out. Plus… puppets!

And here's some handy links to the full list of pre-Fringe top 10, and 11-20, returning favorites, and all the random shout outs in these Top 10/Top 20 posts - links all gathered in a single list to take you to fuller posts and Fringe pages.  Enjoy!

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