Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fringe 2017 - Top 20 - #16 - PHD (Po H# on Dope) to Ph.D.: How Education Saved My Life

A theatrical adaptation of her memoir, Dr. E's one woman show takes audiences through crises of an urban Black girl ensnared in teenaged sex trafficking, addiction, and abuse to self-discovery and love.

Some solo shows, the person has to work hard to find a story that fills a whole Fringe slot.  (No shame in that, some stories are smaller than others.)  Dr. E is one of those people who looks like she has the opposite problem (in a good way).  She appears to have led such a full, tumultuous life thus far, what do you choose to leave out?  Plus she’s not just a professor, published author and speaker, she’s also expresses herself in song.  So this show looks like it’s going to have a little bit of everything going for it.  She’s a former Minnesotan, now teaching back in her home state of Ohio.  But she’s here for a visit with quite a story to tell.  So she easily ranks a spot on the short list this year.

(Random shout-out: another solo show by a female person of color, this one with GLBT content, Not Quite: Asian American By Law, Asian Woman By Desire - which almost made the cut.)

And here's some handy links to the full list of pre-Fringe top 10, and 11-20, returning favorites, and all the random shout outs in these Top 10/Top 20 posts - links all gathered in a single list to take you to fuller posts and Fringe pages.  Enjoy!

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