Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fringe 2017 - Top 20 - #20 - One Foot

Finn wakes up one morning to find his foot missing in this haunting meditation on love and death. Poetic. Icy. Pure Minnesotan. Starring local standout Andrew Erskine Wheeler (THE CHRISTIANS, Walking Shadow).

Ever since I saw Walking Shadow’s amazing production of The Christians last year, I’ve been keeping an eye out for other things Andrew Erskine Wheeler does.  Didn’t have to wait long, of course.  Walking Shadow used him again almost immediately in The River, and he also showed up in another of my top 10 favorites of 2016, Underdog Theater’s Baltimore Is Burning (and we’ve now tied the Fringe list back to the #1 spot again).  Andrew and his director Lanny both reached out to let me know he was performing in this show.  They also did a Fringe preview that was quite charming.  So I’m curious to see the rest of the story.

(Random shout-out: a completely different, and darker, bit of storytelling US-52 South, which almost made the cut.)

And here's some handy links to the full list of pre-Fringe top 10, and 11-20, returning favorites, and all the random shout outs in these Top 10/Top 20 posts - links all gathered in a single list to take you to fuller posts and Fringe pages.  Enjoy!

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