Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fringe 2017 - The Winnowing

And here’s where it gets brutal.  For me, as someone who wants to see absolutely everything, and knows I can’t.  And who wants to write about absolutely everything, and knows I can’t.  So, how to decide?

After the first three on the Top 10 list leap to the top of the pile, who’s next?

As I blogged before, trying to do this list AND the hopelessly convoluted schedule at the same time quickly became a no-go.

So setting aside the returning favorites, who are their own list…

I go through the show listings.

For the remaining 17 slots on the pre-Fringe Top 20, I have 41 candidates.


So I whittled it down.

Top 4 to 10Top 11 to 20.

And I’ll try and namecheck the other two dozen that didn’t make the cut as we go.

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