Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fringe 2017 - Top 10 - #7 - Finding Mohamed

Finding Mohamed is a multimedia show that follows the life of a refugee women as she journeys to find her lost son at sea. This show touches on the plight the refugees' journey to safety.

Her previous show was called “How To Have Fun In A Civil War.”  Her additional information says “she uses her art to connect and bridge different cultures and generations and has become known for her uniquely humorous approach to exploring trauma through the eyes of children.”   Also, “she interweaves text, movement, and digital media to create a multi-sensory artwork that illuminates invisible stories of immigrants. Her artwork takes on the form of plays, poetry, installations, puppetry, and community collaborative artworks.”  There’s also a video profile of her on the show’s Fringe web page that’s worth watching.  I can’t think of a single reason why I wouldn’t want to see this show.  On the list it goes.

(Random shout-out: truly random, because I don’t think these shows have a single thing in common, but Subpar Heroes is another show that almost made the cut.)

And here's some handy links to the full list of pre-Fringe top 10, and 11-20, returning favorites, and all the random shout outs in these Top 10/Top 20 posts - links all gathered in a single list to take you to fuller posts and Fringe pages.  Enjoy!

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