Monday, August 08, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Other Shows I've Seen

Just in case you were wondering if I give everything either 5 stars or 4.5 stars, here's a rundown of links to other shows I've seen at Fringe this year that didn't end up in the very highly recommended (5 or 4.5 stars) or highly recommended categories (4 or 3.5 stars), but still have things going for them:

3 Stars - Recommended

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything - The Drollery

Tweet review: #mnfringe All We Ever Wanted Was Everything: kind of a musical, kind of a story about the end of the world, while not fully being either (4 good and ill); strange but intriguing mix, lots going on, not all of it fully developed; but a helluva try - 3 stars


Daybreak Diner - Lady Z Productions

Tweet review: #mnfringe Daybreak Diner: memory play set in a small town MN diner about to be demolished; woman reflects on her first job, and first love; good at creating world, but cuts out abruptly; solid work in progress - 3 stars

It’s Going Down In Uptown - L.I.T. (Legends of Improv Theater)

Tweet review: #mnfringe It’s Going Down In Uptown: I am reminded again how hard pure improv comedy with no underlying concept/gimmick is; plus audiences are still getting used to… well, being audiences. Legends of Improv Theater did their best. Nicely done - 3 stars

Additionally: #mnfringe Sadly it’s too loud at BLB’s bowling lanes so I can’t hear if folx are saying things like, “I’d like a ticket for Going Down” or “Here’s your token for Going Down” (oh well)

Michael Bay's Bridgerton VII: Revenge of the Forlorn - Snikt! Bamf! Thwip!

Tweet review: #mnfringe Michael Bay’s Bridgerton VII: Revenge of the Forlorn - exactly the kind of genial spoof you’d expect from the title; more Bridgerton than Bay (not that there’s anything wrong with that :) - 3 stars

Sunshine - House of Frogs

Tweet review: #mnfringe Sunshine: one-woman show where actress asked to act alongside a ton of sound cues; not quite sure if playwright or director inflicted that on her, but she does her valiant best, often succeeds - 3 stars

Traitor - Rogue and Rabble Dance

Tweet review: #mnfringe Traitor: My brain/imagination have failed me here. Just not connecting with the dance or the humor. Not bad, just not reaching me for some reason - 3 stars

What Takes Who - Sugar Throw Theatre

Tweet review: #mnfringe What Takes Who: weird, this should work on me - the politics, the artists, the precision of the style and execution - but it doesn't; maybe a show about everything is a show about nothing? still trying to figure out my response - 3 stars

Maybe See Other Things First

2.5 Stars

Happy Endings Church - Toby Cryns

Tweet review: #mfringe Happy Endings Church: I'm pretty sure everyone here means well, but the satirical target is unclear, so the show runs the risk of sounding like it's endorsing the misogyny, faulty theology, anti-Semitism and homophobia - 2.5 stars

1 Star

The Brothers Dangus Vol. 1: The Liturgy of the Big Yellow Ghost - The Yes Fly List

Tweet review: #mnfringe The Brothers Dangus: well…they warned us it wasn’t good. Created a literal waste of time, actively resisting all meaning or redeeming value. Not meta, repelling that label, too. For sheer unwavering commitment to the bit for 50 minutes, 1 star (don’t go, not kidding)

(You can click on the following links to see a set of links to reviews of all the 5 and 4.5 star shows (VERY highly recommended), 4 and 3.5 star shows (highly recommended) as well as other shows, plus the full Top 10 list, the Top 11-20 list, a list of returning favorites, and the full coverage of the 2022 Fringe on this blog.) 

(Side note: The primary may be over, but the midterm elections are coming up soon. Early voting for the election starts Friday, September 23 (so, not much more than a month after Fringe is over). You can check out what's on your ballot ahead of time on the Minnesota Secretary of State website, as well as other voting services and information - like handy links to all the candidates who have websites so you can learn more.  In Minneapolis, not only do we have the Governor and Lt. Governor on the ballot, but there's our U.S. Congressional Rep., our MN State Senator, the MN Secretary of State and MN Attorney General, as well as our County Sheriff and County Attorney, and two members of the Minneapolis School Board.  These are the people who decide what laws we live under and how they get enforced.  These are the people who decide whether or not we have voting rights.  These are the people who decide how our kids learn.  This is how we change things.  Personally, I'm alternately furious and despairing that my goddaughter and her little sister now have fewer rights over their own bodies than they did when 2022 began. There are things we can do, voting in the general election is one of them - if you're looking to volunteer, here's a place to learn more.)



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