Thursday, July 06, 2023

Fringe 2023 - Returning Favorites - Heather Meyer

Let Me Say This About That
(Imaginary Podcast Network)

Heather and Danna (with the "help" of their producer Raffi) host a podcast based on audience suggestions and "real advertisements". They improvise genres from true crime to conspiracy theories, or whatever else.

Venue: Rarig Center Experimental
Tagged for: Comedy, Improv
Content Warnings: Adult Language, Crude Humor, Sexual Content

Fargo Allegro
(Nightfall Productions)

Didja hear all about what happened up there in Brainerd then? …Oh geeze…

Venue: Rarig Center Thrust
Tagged for: Comedy, Drama
Content Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Content, Loud Noises, Nudity, Blood, Violence, Drug Content, Flashing Lights, Gun/Weapon Usage, Abuse/Physical Violence

Very belatedly, I got around to putting Heather Meyer on a pre-Fringe Top 20 list in 2014.  Heather’s been creating very funny, very popular shows for a long time, so it’s no surprise that she’s back in not just one, but two Fringe outings this year.

Whether you’re in the mood for an improvised comedy podcast, or a reimagining of the film "Fargo", she’s part of a team determined to make you laugh this Fringe.

“Let Me Say This About That” already got a test drive earlier this year at the Tucson Fringe Festival (they hold their Fringe in January, imagine doing that here).  Heather, Danna and Raffi got the “Spirit of the Fringe” Award and the “B-C Fan Favorite” Award for their work there, so they must be doing something right. Also, they make their very brief bios on our Fringe site about their pets instead.

For “Fargo Allegro” (a comedy/drama that, just like its source material, has a large ensemble cast and an even larger set of content warnings about sex and violence), Heather’s bio forgets the pets and says, “Heather Meyer grew up in North Dakota and feels many feelings about the movie Fargo, only one of which being "We don't sound like that!" But like maybe we do? She's a performer, writer and just returned as resident artist at the Horse and Art Research Program in Hungary this summer.”

So, wherever you catch Heather in the Fringe this year, you’re bound to be amused.

Update, here's the Fringe preview for "Let Me Say This About That":

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