Thursday, July 06, 2023

Fringe 2023 - Returning Favorites - Madde Gibba

Boy Crazy

A choose your own adventure musical. Long before Taylor Swift was up at midnight writing love songs, Madde was at a piano weepin' about boys. A night of funny stories and overly-dramatic songs.

Venue: Rarig Center Arena
Tagged for: Comedy, Improv, Audience Participation, Musical Theater, Storytelling
Content Warnings: Adult Language, Crude Humor, Sexual Content

When I saw the name Madde Gibba in this year’s Fringe show listings, I thought, “I know I’ve seen that name before…” Reaching further back to the pre-Fringe Top 10 list from 2009, Madde was part of the crew that put together the off-kilter boy/girl scout troop dark comedy "Thin Mint."

This time she, too, is doing a choose your own adventure style of show with audience input (see the Lady Z Productions shout-out for another), but this one is of a more musical and romantic sort.  Just sounds like fun, so why not?

Here's some handy links to this year's Top 10, and Top 11-20 Lists, plus the full list of all returning favorites at this year's Fringe, plus a link to all the 2023 Minnesota Fringe Festival coverage



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