Friday, July 28, 2023

Fringe 2023 - Top 10 List

Here's a post with a handy list of links to all the entries in my pre-Fringe Top 10 list for the 2023 (30th Anniversary) Minnesota Fringe Festival:





1 - 4 Bisexuals and 2 Guys Named John Kill Dracula - Lady Chamberlain Productions

Bram Stoker's classic vampire novel "Dracula" is one of the most adapted works of all time. This is another one of those adaptations. They're all dating each other in this one.



2 - Baldwin's Last Fire - Black Lives Black Words International Project

In this historical fiction, James Baldwin has retired to a life hiding away in France when he uncovers a gripping murder mystery. Witness the unravelling of his final masterpiece.



3 - Primary - Alex Church

Members of a powerful Democratic family are forced to confront exactly how far they'll go to win after their matriarch loses her primary to a progressive challenger. 15% of sales donated to Women Winning




4 - Chris Davis Does Stuff - Chris Davis

Comedian Chris Davis, brings 2 different one man shows across 5 different FRINGE performances. "Just Black Enough", exploring race and what it means to be black & "Seriously, I'm Not Gay", exploring identity.



5 - Ha Ha Da Vinci - Phina Pipia

Hailed as “Terrific" by the New York Times, this award-winning performer combines illusion, music, and theater to weave a story overflowing with the delightfully unexpected. 




6 - Dock Work - Jackdonkey Productions

An experimental, and devised show. Performed through moments of music, movement, and text. Follows the interpretive efforts of workers organizing a union.



7 - Dolly Who? - Destiny Davison

In her solo debut, DOLLY WHO?, Destiny/Dolly Davison pitches a show that doesn't exist (yet) with help from her cartoon friends, life lessons, a dash of improv, and you. 




8 - Two Stars In The Vast Dark - Found Creature

A trans-centric sci-fi event with original music & movement! A young space trucker & oddly self-aware bio-computer confront each other while stranded in the void. Can we connect across distance & difference? 



9 - The Very Model of a Modern Monster Scientist, also Monster Science's Greatest Hits - Matthew Kessen

The Fringe-favorite Monster Science series returns, with the secret and surprising history of Elora Riley, Science Assistant, and tons of the monster facts and PowerPoint you have come to rely upon!



Remounts of five of the award-winning, Fringe-favorite Rev Matt's Monster science shows - different every night! As chosen by some people I found! Watch this space for the lineup! 




10 - Coyfish - Theatre23

When Benji meets Danie online, he falls for her. But this is not your traditional boy-meets-girl storyline. This piece dives into the complexities of the developing relationship between two Asian Americans.




Here's some handy links to this year's Top 11-20 List, plus the full list of all returning favorites at this year's Fringe, plus a link to all the 2023 Minnesota Fringe Festival coverage

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