Monday, July 24, 2023

Fringe 2023 - Top 10 - #7 - Dolly Who?

Dolly Who?
Destiny Davison

In her solo debut, DOLLY WHO?, Destiny/Dolly Davison pitches a show that doesn't exist (yet) with help from her cartoon friends, life lessons, a dash of improv, and you.

Venue: Rarig Center Experimental
Tagged for: Comedy, Kid Friendly, Improv, Solo Show, Storytelling, Audience Participation
Content Warnings: None

I already knew Destiny Davison was a writer, because she pitched in as part of the playwriting teams that helped with Theatre Unbound’s 24 Hour Extreme Theater Smackdown each winter (RIP)

I also knew Destiny was a performer, most recently scene by me in last year’s Fringe show from Fortune’s Fool Theatre, The Hysterical Woman.

I did not know until now that Destiny was also a cartoonist and animator.

So it’s cool she’s bringing all those skills to bear in this, her first solo Fringe show.

There’s a whimsical video trailer that bodes well for the final product.

Plus, Destiny’s bio (and that of the mysterious Dolly from the title) and additional info on the Fringe page are also amusing.

Destiny Davison (Writer/Performer)
Destiny Davison (she/her/they/them) is a Minnesota-based writer, cartoonist, animator, performer, and multi-media visual artist. Her work regularly explores the intersections of the real, the unreal, and the in-between. Lately, this content seems to always lead back to snails and other garden neighbors. Destiny doesn't have a garden herself, but she dreams about one day having one. This will be her third year participating in MN FRINGE, and her first solo show.

Dolly (Entity)
An enigma, even to herself...hopes that being a part of "DOLLY WHO?" will change that.

Outside of DOLLY WHO? Destiny is a cartoonist and animator. You can find her work at  She is the creator of a webcomic called The Anywhere Report.  It has recently been described as "a thing that exists."

UPDATE 8/3: Destiny did a very energetic Fringe preview on Fringe Eve, the night before the festival began:


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