Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Returning Favorites - Ariel Pinkerton/Fortune's Fool Theatre

The Hysterical Woman – Fortune’s Fool Productions (Ariel Pinkerton)

The misdiagnosis and ridicule of women in history from Cassandra to Britney Spears, told in poetry, testimony, historical documents, and noir. “Calm down, honey, you’re being hysterical.”

This one’s a two-fer - we have Ariel Pinkerton (from my pre-Fringe Top 5 back in 2015) taking the lead on a production from Fortune’s Fool (which was in the Top 20 back in 2011).  This time instead of the compelling personal storytelling Ariel regularly presents, we have a pastiche of “hysterical” women through the ages, at a time we all have good reason to be hysterical about a great many things.  The director Nicole Wilder is also at the helm of this year’s Top 20 production, My Empty Arms.  And once again Ariel has been able to entice back to Minnesota for the the festival the wonderful Katie Starks, who I still have fond memories of for putting up with a whole lot of green makeup to play a zombie back in Fringe 2013 for my play “How To Date A Werewolf.”  Bonus points for getting Linda Sue Anderson, Destiny Davison, and Andrew Troth to round out the ensemble.

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