Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Returning Favorites - LCcreations (Lily Conforti & Co.)

I Think We Are Supposed To Be “Coming of Age” By Now… - LCcreations (Lily Conforti)

Contemporary dance collides with a live alternative/rock band in this ELECTRIC performance. Focusing on our 'Coming of Age' stories, we push against societal pressures in a way that is rebellious and honest.  There is something for everyone as we flow between head banging punk, sweeping ballroom, subtle sultry, and revival rock.

Even though LCcreations was in my pre-Fringe Top 5 back in 2019 for their show “Botanical Dancing,” I was still surprised by just how much I enjoyed it, even more than I was already expecting to.  I wrote after seeing it, “What a fun, joyous little dance party that was; dancers conveying the love of what they do directly to the audience without saying a word, just moving (and painting) with their bodies; delightful - 5 stars.” (And this was my first Fringe Festival without Mom, so joy was hard to come by that year - this group still reached me and made me forget other things for an hour, no small feat.  They probably deserved a sixth star.)

I look forward to more of the same, even though of course this show will be a bit different.  First of all, it’s a collaboration with an alt-rock band called Oister Boy.  Given that, they warn it will be loud (but ear plugs will be available for those who want them (probably me, if I want to see another show after theirs without a ringing in my ears :) And of course, some of the lyrics will have adult language.  However, they do say that folks will be invited to join the dancers onstage for part of the last song (the moment will be announced, and they encourage people to “bounce around with the performers and finish the show off on stage” with them (if you wish).

LCcreations, like other dance offerings in this returning favorites list, offer dance for people like me who always thought they didn’t like or understand dance.  Give ‘em a try.  I bet they win you over.  They did me.

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