Monday, July 11, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Top 20 - #15 - Bellerophon’s Shadow: Voyage of the Pegasus – Phantom Chorus Theatre

Space! Monsters! Adventure! Blacklight! Puppetry! Greek mythology? Join our intrepid bunraku puppet, Scout, and her A.I. companion "Fish" on an action packed journey through space.

I don’t get to see enough puppets the rest of the year, so I’m easily drawn to puppet shows at Fringe time.  This one has a charming behind the scenes video of the puppet being created and then used in rehearsals as it evolves into its final form.  It looks like fun, and a different kind of show to have in the mix, so Bellerophon's Shadow is on the list.

Addendum: they recently had a Fringe preview:



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